Haven Fire Safety Inc

After years of witnessing first-hand as a firefighter that smoke detectors “alert you but do nothing to protect you,” creator and inventor Matthew Perry decided to take matters into his own hands. Matt formed HAVEN with a dream to put an affordable automatic fire suppression system into homes. The HAVEN has since been put to the test in several simulated fire scenarios. The HAVEN suppressed the fire during testing, surpassing expectations of the testers. In January 2015, Matt joined forces with Shawn Pringle in response to the ever-changing needs of this young company as it quickly grows.

Matthew Perry


When Matt was a youth, he was involved in two house fires where he had to help family members to safety while risking his own life. In both scenarios, Matt lost his home. This fueled a passion for fire fighting that lead to Matt becoming a well-respected firefighter and trained fire prevention officer for the town of Arnprior. Matt’s passion for fire prevention lead to the concept of a device that can automatically detect a fire and suppress it at the same time.

Shaun Pringle


Shawn has an extensive background in online marketing and conversion-optimization, always with a consumer-focused approach. Having been involved in numerous companies and owning and managing a successful online software business for over a decade, Shawn knows what works online and is transferring those skills seamlessly to the physical product marketing landscape.