The HAVEN easily installs through a 5 3/4 inch hole in the ceiling following these 8 steps:

  1. Locate floor joist (using a stud finder).
  2. Use the template provided in the installation manual to determine the location of the hole.
  3. Using a 5 ¾” hole saw or drywall saw, carefully cut the hole. Only cut the drywall and avoid going too deep into the joist space to avoid possible wires or plumbing. To avoid debris, do not work directly below the hole.
  4. If debris is present, remove any debris from the hole.
  5. Peel and stick the small square foam pad (provided) to the lower portion of the tank where the tank would rest on top of the ceiling. The foam pad is used to shim the tank and relieve stress off the plastic housing.
  6. Adjust the two locks on the HAVEN™ and insert into the ceiling.
  7. Quarter-turn the locks to fasten the HAVEN™ to the ceiling.
  8. Place two cap screw covers.

Installation Manual

For more information, download our installation manual to read or print.

The file is in PDF format.