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Smoke Detectors Won't Stop The Flames & Toxic Smoke, But This Simple Device Will.

You, your family, and all your possessions are at risk right now because your home is not prepared for a fire…and I can prove it to you.

Imagine if a fire started in your home in the middle of the night. You don’t want a loud alarm, you want the flames to GO AWAY!

Did you know, that chances are, your family would NOT be able to escape in time? Today’s homes burn 8x faster and produce 200x more poisonous smoke than they did in the 80s*. Click to watch a side-by-side comparison video

Things were different in your parents’ homes. Modern homes with modern furniture made from “modern” materials (cheap plastics and other synthetics from China) have created an epidemic of “blazing fast” burning homes. This is why our founder and the creator of the HAVEN, Matthew Perry, created this simple, but highly effective solution.

“When I was young I lost 2 homes to a fire. I became a Firefighter and Fire Prevention Officer to give back to the community that helped me. It was on the job that I realized very quickly that smoke detectors do nothing to actually protect your family. I created the HAVEN to buy you time, and to give my fellow firefighters time to get to you to save you, your family, and your house.” – Matthew Perry, creator of the HAVEN

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Buys You Valuable Time

Because modern homes and furnishings burn 8x faster and produce 200x more poisonous smoke, firefighters are fighting the clock more than ever. They love the HAVEN, as it buys them, and you, precious time.


Nobody expects a fire. But the statistics are shocking, and we need to do something about it. Water sprinklers have been the only automatic option, but they can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. Not the HAVEN.


Since the HAVEN is heat-activated, not smoke-activated, it won’t trigger in low-risk instances of accidental smoke. Only when a real fire is present will the HAVEN discharge the MSDS safe, non-toxic, dry chem into the room.

"Having a HAVEN installed in your home is like having a firefighter in your home, protecting you and your family 24/7. The HAVEN, frankly, is a brilliant product - a no-brainer!"

Bradley R. Davidson CFI, CFI-II
Canadian Fire Services
Exemplary Service Medal

"People don't even realize the danger they are in. I see it every day, sub-par construction and ticking fire time-bombs. I can't recommend the HAVEN enough to homeowners."

Damon Bennett
Celebrity Contactor, as seen on HGTV,
CTV, CityTV, DIY Network

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Your small investment in a HAVEN unit is only $249 (or less than $50/year, since it protects for 5 years). You’ve read about fires in your neighbourhood, what are your irreplaceable valuables and your family’s safety worth? As a comparison, a fireproof safe can cost $300-$500, and only protects the contents inside the small safe.

Is it easy to install?

Installation is very easy, requiring a small 5 3/4″ hole to be cut in the ceiling to slide in your HAVEN unit. Check out our 1-minute installation video here. If you would prefer, we can send an installer (you can order during checkout) or you can hire any local handyman or contractor to install (a local contractor should be able to install 1-3 HAVEN units for around $100).

Is it reliable?

The HAVEN has been extensively tested in many different burn scenarios, as well as independently tested. Please watch our videos to see real burn demonstrations. Each unit also comes with a full 1-year warranty and protects for a full 5 years. After that, our replacement program allows you to exchange your old unit for a new one for about 1/2 the price. And if your HAVEN unit is ever involved in a real fire, we want that unit back and we will replace it free of charge (we want to build our Wall of Heroes).

Will it affect my home insurance?

It might, but in a good way. Generally speaking, insurance companies love the HAVEN, however since it is so new they may not offer a discount just yet (we are working on that). It is recommended that you show them this website if you’re looking for a discount.

How many do I need for my house, and where should they be placed?

We recommend at least one in the kitchen (4 feet in front of the stove), since that’s where a lot of fires start. Then we recommend every 10-12 feet from there on the path of egress (the path out of your home). Other hazard areas include electrical/utility rooms, garages, and hallways. We recommend 3-5 units per home, on average. Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Manual

For more information, download our installation manual to read or print.

The file is in PDF format.

Having a HAVEN installed is like having a firefighter in your home protecting you 24/7.


The HAVEN is trusted by, and featured in:

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