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Haven™ Automatic Fire Suppression  Offers Affordable Peace of Mind

The Haven™ is more than just a safety device; Haven™ is a critical part of any fire protection plan. Haven™ can protect your business for up to 5 years (not including battery replacement for testing purposes).The Haven™ operates independently and can be installed virtually anywhere horizontally added protection is needed, without expensive plumbing or installation costs.

We at Haven™ can work with you to help form and recommend the best solutions for your business’s particular needs.


The Haven™ Fire Suppression Safety Device is an automatic fire extinguisher installed in the ceiling cavity between floor joists or virtually anywhere horizontally to provide 5-year fire protection. The cost savings of this new device are astronomical over water suppression, as water suppression can cost $18+ per square foot, whereas the Haven costs just $2.29 per square foot. Units can be installed in locations chosen by the business.

A flexible fire protection concept for businesses

Water damage after a fire often causes more damage than the fire itself and can require serious restoration efforts that can keep your business shut down for longer than necessary.

Unlike water suppression sprinkler systems, the dry chemical agent in the Haven™ does not cause extensive damage when discharged.

The Haven™ ABC dry-chem agent cleans up easily with a vacuum in the event of a discharge.

Advantages of

  • Asset protection when you’re not there
  • Valuable time for you and your team to get to safety
  • No false alarms or beeps
  • No extensive damage when discharged
  • 5 years protection 
  • Easy installation

Cheaper & more effective than automatic water sprinklers.

This simple device may one day save
your life & your family.

100 Sq Ft

Heat Only

5 Years

5 Minutes