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Warranty Policy


Haven Fire Safety Inc. (Haven Fire Safety) warrants that all Haven Fire Safety Inc. manufactured equipment will be free of any defect in materials or workmanship for the period of (1) year. Warranty begins from the date of shipment from a Haven Fire Safety or authorized representative facility. The warranty is extended to customers and applies to all Haven Fire Safety manufactured equipment purchased, installed, and used for the purpose for which such equipment was originally designed. The above warranties cover only defects arising under normal use and do not include malfunctions or failures resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, problems with electrical power, usage not in accordance with product instructions, acts of nature, or improper installation or repairs made by anyone other than Haven Fire Safety or a Haven Fire Safety authorized third-party service provider. Haven Fire Safety reserves the right to substitute functionally equivalent new or serviceable used parts.


1. During the applicable Standard Equipment Warranty Period outlined above, customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any breach of the Standard Equipment Warranty will be, at Haven Fire Safety’s sole discretion and option, the repair or replacement of the defective product. Components that customer claims to be defective must be available to Haven Fire Safety for inspection and evaluation. Under the Standard Equipment Warranty, the customer must notify Haven Fire Safety in writing within thirty (30) days after discovering a suspected defect in any product, during the applicable Standard Equipment Warranty Period. Notice to a Haven Fire Safety dealer, systems integrator, sales representative or other third party is not notice to Haven Fire Safety. Following its receipt of any such customer notice, Haven Fire Safety will determine whether the reported problem is covered by this Standard Equipment Warranty. If Haven Fire Safety determines that the problem is covered, Haven Fire Safety will authorize repair or replacement of the defective product, as deemed appropriate by Haven Fire Safety in its sole discretion.

2. Before shipping any product to Haven Fire Safety, the customer must obtain a written return authorization from Haven Fire Safety, and provide any proof of warranty eligibility requested by Haven Fire Safety. Any product received by Haven Fire Safety without a return authorization may, at Haven Fire Safety’s option, be returned to the customer collect. Once a return authorization is obtained, the customer is responsible for packing and shipping the product/component to which its warranty claim relates to a service facility designated by Haven Fire Safety, within thirty (30) days after receipt of the return authorization. 

3. Haven Fire Safety will provide customer with new, rebuilt, refurbished or alternate equipment (or part thereof) of equal or improved functionality, as exchange equipment (or part thereof) to replace eligible defective equipment (or part thereof). Any alternate equipment (or part thereof) will meet or exceed the specifications of the replaced equipment (or part thereof). Rebuilt or refurbished equipment may bear cosmetic blemishes that do not affect performance. Unless otherwise specified by Haven Fire Safety in writing, repaired or replaced equipment (or parts thereof) are covered only for the remainder of the term of the applicable Standard Equipment Warranty.


Haven Fire Safety does not warrant or guarantee, and is not responsible for:

1. Defects, failures, damages or performance limitations caused in whole or in part by (A) power failures, surges, fires, floods, snow, ice,     lightning, excessive heat or cold, highly corrosive environments, accidents, actions of third parties, or other events outside of Haven Fire Safety’s control, or (B) customer’s abuse, mishandling, misuse, negligence, improper storage, servicing or operation, or unauthorized attempts to repair or alter the equipment in any way. Customer must provide qualified technical personnel to maintain the equipment.

2. Alterations and/or modifications to any part of Haven Fire Safety’s product, without Haven Fire Safety’s written authorization unconditionally VOIDS the Haven Fire Safety Standard Warranty.

3. The performance of the equipment when used in combination with equipment not purchased, specified, or approved by Haven Fire Safety.

4. Batteries and other consumable goods.


The Haven Fire Safety Warranty applies to the original end-user, and is not transferable.